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How would you like to get PAID for your cakes?

How would you like to get consistent repeat business from your customers?

How would you like to turn your passion into a profitable business?


Hello Friends,

My name is Andreaetta Whaley, and I have discovered a unique way to help home bakers and cake decorators get more customers than they can handle. 


You can do the same thing I'm doing!

I sell cakes to people who literally can't wait to pay me. It's nothing extraordinary for me to get 7-15 cake orders per day using my system.

Local bakeries will never use the marketing strategies that I used to grow my business from just a few holiday cakes to taking multiple orders every single day.

Think about the thousands of dollars you could be earning in extra income if you get customers who are willing to pay top dollar for a home-made work of art....


Here's my story.....I'm sure you can relate...

I learned  the art of baking from my mother, who learned from my grandmother. As a young girl,  spent many weekends at home baking cakes with my mother and two sisters. We shared family recipes, secrets, and techniques to make cakes melt in your mouth with a joyful sweetness.

As an adult I continued my passion for baking, creating cakes for special occasions, holidays, and family members. I even sold a cake here and there to earn a few extra bucks.

And then it happened...

With my mother's encouragement, I entered my famous caramel cake in the baking competition at the local state fair.  To my surprise, out of 600 entries, my cake won first prize!  I won a grand total of $45.

That contest gave me the guts to start a small sideline business selling my home-baked cakes. After trying to spread the word, I did get a few orders -- but not nearly as many as I'd hoped.

Just when I was about to give up, my husband, who happens to be a genius at selling insurance, created a marketing system for me that literally turned my business into a money - making machine. I've never seen anyone else in the cake business use these marketing techniques, but they WORKED beyond my wildest imagination.

Now that my business is up and running, I want to help other home bakers who would love to sell their cakes to earn extra income.


Maybe you want to pay for a new car...

Maybe you want to pay off your credit cards...

Maybe you want to go on a shopping spree...

Maybe you want to have the cash to change your life style...


Whatever your reason, if you have the skill to bake cakes, you need this course!!! 

This is the only course I know of that's specifically designed to help aspiring bakers get a never ending supply of customers.


How Would You Like To Sell Cakes Like Crazy?

Is it time to take your baking to the next level? Is it time to get more orders?  Is it time to earn premium dollar for your cakes?  Do you need additional income? Do you want a change in lifestyle?

I have developed a complete system to help all bakers who want to take advantage of this exciting business opportunity. This system includes ads, scripts, forms, business cards, step by step instructions, and all techniques I have used that no local bakeries have even heard of. You get everything you need to create a money machine that rewards you for a lifetime!


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My goal is to help as many people who are excited about this business get started with a simple workable and proven plan. Here's my number if you want to contact me: 803-361-5035 or e-mail me at whaleyaj@aol.com.



Smart Ways To Build Your Cake Business!


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The Sell Cakes Like Crazy Course!

This course will teach you an incredible marketing plan to sell cakes and attract more customers than you can handle. It’s easy to read and understand, and it gives you all the tools you need to become successful, including  ads, scripts, a unique business card template, strategies, and selling strategies.

If you've been thinking about the baking business for a while, NOW is the time to act! The Sell Cakes Like Crazy Course is only $29 and the special bonus, “How To Get Your Cakes In Local Restaurants” is absolutely FREE when you order. You can’t beat this deal. That’s getting two one -of -a -kind courses for the price of one.


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NEW!! NEW!! How To Sell Diabetic Cakes!

This course shows you how to build a customer base by helping diabetics who want healthy low-carb and sugar- free cakes. This is an excellent niche for cake bakers who want to expand their markets.

How To Sell Diabetic Cakes gives you a step by step system that  includes ads, business cards, letters, and other tools to be successful. You'll also get several diabetic cake recipes to get started right away. 

There are millions of diabetics who want these homemade cakes!


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How To Price Your Cakes For Profit!

This course gives you the answer to the most popular question among cake bakers..."How Do I Price My Cakes?"

Learn how to price your cakes for maximum profits and receive  an exclusive template to create an informational brochure that explains why your cakes are different and worth the price. How To Price Your Cakes For Profit is a fantactic value at only $19.95.

For a limited time, you'll also get “How To Get Your Cakes In Local Restaurants” FREE when you order.

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How To Get Cakes In Restaurants Course!

Selling cakes wholesale to restaurants can be a very profitable business, especially if you bake for several of them. But, even one restaurant can mean big business for your baking enterprise. Think about the instant credibility you’ll get when a potential client knows that you bake cakes for the "ABC Restaurant." 

If you want to learn great strategies for marketing and selling your cakes to restaurants, you need this amazing course! How To Get Your Cakes In Restaurants! tells you all you need to know to become the next baker for restaurants in your area.


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The Cake Tasting Events Course!

You're probably asking yourself, "What is a cake tasting event?" Well...simply put, it's the ultimate way to sell cakes by the slice. Such events are usually held in sponsored locations and are similar to wine-tasting parties....only cake is the main attraction. 

How would you like to have hundreds of people dropping by to buy slices of your cakes? Can you imagine selling 600 slices of cake at $3 a piece in one day? That's $1,800 in sales! Believe it or not, cake tasting events can result in these amazing profits! 


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The Vegan Cake Marketing System!

The baker who dominates a niche market is likely to make more profits than those who don't. But the only way to dominate a niche is through SMART MARKETING.

Selling Vegan cakes to vegans in your local area is one big way to make money with a niche. You can charge more per cake and encourage orders on a regular basis. The Vegan Cake marketing System explains every thing you need to know to market your cakes in this profitable area.


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NEW!! NEW!! The Sell Candy Like Crazy Course!

It's finally here! Sell Candy Like Crazy is the ULTIMATE course to help you start your own candy business. Selling candy is  a great business that blends well with your cake baking, but you can also make profits with candy alone.  

Millions of people give gifts of candy to friends and family every single day. Now, you can get lots of happy customers eager to buy your homemade sweet creations!!


You Can Definitely Have A Profitable Cake Business! All You Have To Do Is Invest In Your Marketing Skills Just Like You Have Invested In Your Baking Skills!

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