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Cake Tasting Events!

The Ultimate Way To Sell Cakes By The Slice


You are probably asking yourself, "What is a cake tasting event?" simply put, it's the ultimate way to sell cakes by the slice. These events are usually held in sponsored locations and hundreds of people drop by to taste different slices of your cake at cost. That's right, they pay for your cake by the slice. Cake tasting events are similar to wine tasting parties with cake being the product. Can you imagine selling 600 slices of cake at $3 a piece in one day? That's $1,800 in sales! Believe it or not, that's the power of cake tasting events. 

The Cake Tasting Event Concept was pioneered by The Cake Couple at Sell Cakes Like It's an original promotion and you can bet your bottom dollar that NO ONE else in your area are doing them. Here are a few benefits of Cake Tasting Events:


1. You can sell hundreds of cake slices in one day at premium prices.

2. You establish yourself as the cake baking expert.

3. You get valuable contacts who will order from you over and over again.

4. It's a great way to get FREE publicity.


The Cake Tasting Events Course is a great way to learn how to put on these profitable promotions. You'll learn little marketing secrets to sell more slices and get loads of people to reorder. You'll also avoid costly mistakes by following a simple step by step plan. 

How many Cake Tasting Events do you have to host to make a lot of money? 2 of these events per month could easily rake in over $2,000. This doesn't even count your personal orders. 

Here's what you'll get in the Cake Tasting Events Course Below:


Cake Tasting Events Operations Manual On CD

  • Learn the reasons why Cake Tasting Events Work

  • Learn how to target your market for greater success

  • Learn proven low cost marketing methods

  • Learn how to develop profitable partnerships

  • Learn the best places to host these events

  • Learn how to price your cakes by the slice

  • Learn how to get repeat orders from your Cake Tasting Event Customers

  • Learn a proven marketing system complete with ads, scripts, forms, and more!


Cake Tasting Events Resources On CD

  • Includes all forms for you to easily customize.

  • Includes all ads for you to easily customize.


Valuable Updates!

  • When marketing strategies and new resources are discovered, you will receive updates through e-mail. 


PLUS The Big FREE Bonus!

  • You will also receive 10 of my most favorite cake recipes! These recipes are priceless!!

To order your Cake Tasting Events Course for only $29 by credit card or Pay Pal, Click the button below!


My goal is to help as many people who are interested in this business get started with a simple workable and proven plan. Here's my toll free number if you want to contact me: 803-361-5035 or e-mail me at




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You Can Definitely Have A Profitable Cake Business! All You Have To Do Is Invest In Your Marketing Skills Just Like You Have Invested In Your Baking Skills!

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